Why retouch you ask? Why not? I do it because sometimes a portrait is almost perfect but needs just a little something extra. A little teeth whitening, a blemish removed, brighter eyes and so on but don’t be confused because editing and retouching is not the same thing. Editing is lighting, exposure, color correcting and cropping while retouching is mostly removing blemishes, skin smoothing, teeth whitening that sort of thing. When simply editing is not enough for me then I do a basic retouch and this generally means about 5-7 minutes of work.  The only time I do extensive retouching is for special requests such as boudoir photography because it is really time consuming. I am all about shortcuts so for the image below I simply used a “soft skin” Photoshop action. Actions are so helpful when editing multiple images with the same or similar edits. I also used the liquify brush on the arms and then I used a little dodge and burn on the eyes and lips.



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