Happy New Year 2019

What a beautiful day today turned out to be! Sunny with blue skies. Almost 60 degrees here in New York. Happy New Year to all of you my wordpress friends and family. I want to wish you guys a happy & healthy new year filled with as much sunshine as today was! Keep shooting in… Continue reading Happy New Year 2019

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Why do we fall instead of autumn?

Yesterday I took a walk in the softening sunlight and the sights and sounds of fall stirred my soul. Whether you call it fall or autumn, there is no doubt that this is a beautiful time to be in New York. But today is the opposite of yesterday, so cold and windy reminding us that… Continue reading Why do we fall instead of autumn?

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Secret Garden

Untermyer is a beautiful garden offering peace and tranquility. It is located in Yonkers NY, nestled on the Banks of the Hudson River and hidden behind a giant wall. It is a dream for history and garden lovers. “Sometimes since I've been in the garden I've looked up through the trees at the sky and… Continue reading Secret Garden